The comment card is dead….Long live the comment card!

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We’ve all seen them, those comment cards that restaurants give you after you are done eating, hoping that they hear back from you about what your experience was like. How was the food? How was your waiter? Would you recommend this restaurant to a friend? You know, the usual.

I’m going to tell you a little secret about me….I collect comment cards from restaurants…..seriously. (right now you are saying to yourself….”Seriously?”). I have lots of them. They are not really that exciting. Why? Well, I think there is a much better way.

Let me tell you a really short story. Many years ago (ok, back in 2011, so just 6 years ago) a company specialized in gathering feedback from guests at restaurants. They named themselves Feedback911 and they had a great product. Turns out, they didn’t have enough traction to create a business on just that single concept, but lucky for you, Diner Connection integrated with them, and then when they closed their doors, we created our own comment card mechanism to gather feedback from restaurant guests.

One of the most underrated features of Diner Connection is the ability to automatically send out feedback requests via text messaging after your guests have dined with you. You get to pick what questions you ask your guests (yes, you can add & remove questions as much as you want, at any time that you want) and you get more feedback than you ever did with paper based comment cards or printing a URL or QR code on your receipt. (yes, we guarantee it)

You probably already know how valuable timely and accurate feedback is. Imagine of you were able to get it consistently and reliably. That is what Diner Connection can do for your restaurant.

Ready to try it? Give us a call for a demo at 877-395-3715 or email me directly at

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