Frequently Asked Questions


“What do you need to use Diner Connection”

Diner Connection runs on any device that has a web-browser and is connected to the Internet.  A lot of customers use iPads, but some use a Mac or PC.


“Is it an iPad app?”

No, Diner Connection is a web application, which lets you run it from almost any computer or mobile device out there.


“Do my customer’s need an iPhone or need to install an app?”

No, Diner Connection uses text messages and voice calls to communicate with your customers.  They do not need anything other than a cell phone.


“What if a customer doesn’t have text messaging?”

Diner Connection lets you use a regular phone call instead of text messaging.  When that customer’s table is ready, click the Ready button just like normal, and instead of a text message, a voice call will be made and the table ready notification is read to the customer.


“What if a customer doesn’t have a cell phone?”

The host can mark the check box “No Phone” and the customer is still put on the wait-list just like all of the other customers.  When it is time to seat them, you will need to call them out by name.